Waiting Time!

On of my favorite jazz pieces to listen to is called The Waiting Game by Helen Sung.  It’s such a good song with lots of good improvisation in it.  The reality of waiting is that it isn’t always fun and games, especially for the person that is naturally impatient.  More than anything else, waiting is something that we all have to do in the various stages and phases of life.  The question to ask yourself is what are you doing while you wait?  Just because you are waiting on one thing, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sit and do nothing while you wait.  Waiting time is the opportune time for you to continue to grow and develop in other areas of your life that need attention.  This is the time in which you can read, listen, and learn something that will take you further in your dreams, goals, and aspirations.  I’m so excited for this time as there are some new and exciting things coming up that I’m looking forward to sharing.


While this is a short post today, this is a thought that I really wanted to share with you all.

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