A Midnight Conversation

(The title of this post is a result of the experience below)

Every experience that you have in life can be used as either fuel to move forward or inspiration to draw new ideas from.  The question is what will you do with your experiences? I had what I would call a very disappointing time last night performing music.  It put me in such a funk that I questioned what was I doing trying to play at all.  I mean after all I just finished listening to some great music by the Lummie Spann Quintet featuring Jeremy Pelt on trumpet.  Then I get up there and am frustrated and can’t get any of my ideas to work on stage.  This level of frustration bothered me on the whole way home as well as observing and experiencing some real fake people and lying to my face (of course the person doesn’t know that I’m aware of their lying) that just made me feel pretty upset.

Then I get up this morning, pick up my flugelhorn before work, and start randomly playing, which turned into a melody, which turned into a song that I sat behind my keyboard to finish writing.  Out of all of the frustration and disappointment that I felt last night came a brand new song titled A Midnight Conversation, that completely articulates how I felt last night coming home as well as how great I felt this morning during this moment of spontaneous creativity.  The bottom line is that I didn’t allow my disappointment and frustration to determine my outlook, I used it as fuel and inspiration for some time of creativity that has been most fruitful.  I guess the point that I’m trying to make here is that you can choose to deal with anything that comes your way in a manner that will either bring you, your family, and the world around you great benefit or great deficit.  The choice is yours.

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