Attaining Wisdom

Have you ever heard the saying from an “older” person “With age comes wisdom?”  Or has someone ever told you that the older you get the wiser you get?  What about in this day and age we live in. Have you heard a “young” person reject “wisdom” being shared with them from someone older than them on the basis of, “That’s how it used to be.” Or better yet, have you seen the youth ignore the wisdom of their elders because they have Google, Yahoo, Bing and all of the other electronic tools to get their knowledge and wisdom from?  Well I wrote the following original quote this morning on my Facebook page which sparked the thought for this post,

“You should never assume that you know more because of your age, amount of money, or social standing.  None of that means that you are smarter or wiser.  Wisdom can come with age, but wisdom is more commonly attained through pursuit and correct application of knowledge.”

Attaining wisdom is exactly as described in the quote above, through pursuit and correct application of knowledge.  That is the easy way to obtain wisdom.  The hard way is to grow older and keep making the same mistakes until one day you realize the error of your ways and it’s too late (at least one may think it is) to do something about it.  One of the reasons why the bridges between generations get torn down on a regular basis is because some of the youth think they don’t need what their elders can offer them and likewise some of the “elders” feel the youth have nothing to offer because they are too young.  I work with someone like that that thinks because of my age he doesn’t have to listen to my instructions or do what he’s told because he’s older and that I should be obeying him.  The problem with an attitude like that is the people like that are unteachable and an unteachable person is a dangerous person.  They are dangerous because they will refuse to listen to counsel that can help them and others that depend on them as well as they will continue to take old ideas and old revelations that are no longer applicable and continue to apply them where they no longer work.

If you remember from my previous post entitled Wisdom I defined wisdom as:

  • having wise dominion (dominion being control/stewardship) and application over all that you possess along with knowing when and how to use it.

If you really read into this definition you’ll see that you can’t have dominion over anything that you first don’t have possession of.  You will never have possession of anything that you don’t identify and pursue.   So in this day and age there are so many ways to gain knowledge that can then be converted into wisdom.  There’s the internet, blogs, books, YouTube, eHow, as well as a whole host of other places both virtual and actual that you can gain knowledge from.  The most important thing about gaining knowledge/wisdom is to never ignore, devalue, or make  anyone or anything around you insignificant in your sight as you never know where you can learn from next.

So to sum this post up, the process for attaining wisdom that will last is all in your choice to pursue and apply wisdom; nothing more, nothing less.

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