Keep Pressing Forward, You’ll Get There

When you choose to pursue your dreams no matter what the obstacles are that present themselves before you, you will get there.  Today’s post is to share some exciting news as well as life lesson.  I’ve been pursuing one of my dreams, music, for quite a long time now and recently I’ve achieved some major milestones that I didn’t think were going to be possible for me when I was having a dark season with music.  I’ve recently become an endorser for R.S. Berkeley Musical Instruments playing their TP608 model Trumpet; FLU 669 model Flugelhorn, and CR611 model Cornet.  This is an exciting opportunity for me, and the guys over at R.S. Berkeley have really welcomed me into their family.  I’m also going to be playing at a Jazz Festival in Connecticut this summer with my own group, which is very exciting for me!  There are more good things on the horizon, but I’m going to wait until they get closer to mention them.

I wrote all of that to say that it’s very important to pursue your dreams no matter what roadblocks try to stop you on your journey because reaching/achieving your dreams and goals is exactly that, a journey.  Some of us take a few detours on the journey but don’t let the detours derail you from your final destination.  Just remember when it comes to your goals to put your plan together, map out some milestones for you to use as status points, and go out there and achieve your dreams!  So many good things will come out of this journey.  As for me and my journey, let me say that God never ceases to amaze me in how He is still working with and on me during my journeys of dream fulfillment!

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