Use Your Voice

Today is a rather interesting day, for today I’m going to have a discussion/confrontation with someone who lied to me and that lie has cost me time, money, and creative effort.  There are some positives and negatives that can come from this conversation and the negatives are definitely not good but at the same time I’ve come to understand that you have to know when to stand up and not allow people, places, or institutions to just walk all over you because they feel they can and when to quietly say nothing and allow the injustices that can happen in your life to just pass you by.  In other words, you have to choose your battles carefully.  I have chosen to fight this particular battle today because this is something that is necessary but when I fight this battle, I will not be rude, disrespectful, or trying to inflict any harm on anyone.  What I will do is present the facts of my situation, allow the people I have to speak to to say their peace and then move on even if the outcome isn’t quite what I would’ve wanted or not.

This is truly something that I felt was very important to share today because I think that there are a lot of people out there that feel as if they don’t have a voice to express how they feel about the things in their life that are just plain wrong.  You do have a voice and you are free to exercise it whenever you choose; you just need to pick and choose when to exercise it.

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