Make the Right Decision.

Right now, at this time in my life I find myself facing a set of rather interesting choices.  Do I walk through a door of reconciliation that is filled with annoyances, aggravation, lots of necessary hard work for a possibility of a good outcome or do I choose the door more often traveled with more of a measure of predictability?  Do I choose to hold nothing back and speak about the mistreatment of employees at an employer that employs me or do I choose to take the politically correct route and just tow the party line?

I already know the answer to these questions for myself, but I pose them as examples of questions in which I’ve had to come to the right decision instead of the easy decision.  Right isn’t always easy and the more difficult choice isn’t always right.  Each situation calls for an approach to resolution that is unique to that situation, so make sure that when you are faced with a tough situation that you really figure out, make, and follow through with the right decision as the wrong decision could cost you more than you’ll ever know.

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