Is the Life You’re Living Your Own?

To most, the title of this post might seem like a strange question, but I’ve learned that it’s not as strange as people think.  How many times has someone told you what you could/should be and you’ve set out to do it with no thought of your own about it?  Have you ever found yourself pursuing something on the basis of what your family, friends, peers, or co-workers have said you should do?  What about where you live and what you drive (if you even drive at all)?  Were those your choices or a consensus with your spouse/significant other or was it all someone else’s idea?  Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in getting feedback/opinions, but that doesn’t mean that your life has to be a product of what everyone else but you believes it should be.  I told someone recently that you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of your college experience and if you are not satisfied with what has been made available to you, then you need to speak up about it.  Don’t let someone else dictate the course of your life and education for you.

In my time on this Earth thus far, I have found myself doing so many things that I’ve never wanted to do because I allowed myself to believe what someone else said my destiny should be above what I wanted and believed.  Some of these things I enjoyed for a time and some I didn’t enjoy at all.  But since I’ve “woken up” I am pressing forward with doing what it is that I truly want to do and am using some of what I have to do as a vehicle to get there.  In other words, I have reclaimed my life from those that I gave control of it to.  Now from a context of Christianity, this may seem like a contradiction as there are places in the Bible that say to submit to the leading of God and that I need to wait on Him as my life is not my own.  Well, lets just say if you do the research and understand what God was saying in Psalm 37:4; 1Peter 2:9; as well as the Kingdom Message that Christ preached you would understand that what I’m saying here is not a contradiction at all.

I just want people to be who they were Created, Born and Made to be.

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