Your Mental Picture

Your mental picture is critical to your success or failure in any life endeavor.  You can be one of the most brilliant, creative, and innovative persons in any field but if you hold an image of yourself that consistently speaks to failure or you not being good enough, you will manifest that in what you do.  This is also true of our personal relationships.  Some of us have suffered greatly in our personal relationships because we believed that we weren’t good enough for our relationships.  I’ve been thinking about this long and hard because I realized that 1 of the biggest reasons why I haven’t achieved some of my goals and dreams is because I allowed the negative that people said to discourage me to  become my own mental picture of myself and didn’t even realize it.  Every time I would try to do something towards one of my biggest dreams and goals, I would know that I could be successful but then create a series of excuses based on the mental picture I had of myself at that time.

This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to feed your mind, soul, and spirit those things that are going to be useful for your growth and advancement and not listen to people who would try to tell you that you’ll never be able to achieve or do what it is you are working towards.  Your mental picture of you will be the one thing that can help you to, as David had to do in the Bible when his own men were ready to kill him, encourage yourself to move forward.  I now choose to keep a mental picture of me conquering all that I set out to conquer and living the life that I desire, and you know what, that’s exactly what I’m doing now!

how your mental picture of yourself and others can be a help or detriment.  Examples of how I’ve felt about myself as a musician and its effect on my ability to go out perform and play.

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