Motivated & Inspired

I have been renewed in my motivation for achieving my dreams and goals.  This renewed motivation has come from having a great experience this weekend performing music as well as watching one of my favorite pro wrestlers, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Recently the WWE brought back their Reality-Show Contest Tough Enough which is about people training and competing for a WWE contract as the prize and Stone Cold Steve Austin is the host.  In the episode that came on this past week, Stone Cold said that when he got his first call to come work in the WWE that he was asked to be a character that he knew had no future and would never headline a show, but he saw it as a foot in the door.

Once he got into the door of the WWE, he started to introduce the character of Stone Cold Steve Austin, something that he said no one was thinking about, but once he took the initiative and made it happen, he began to achieve the success, status, and recognition in the wrestling business that he now enjoys today and that has propelled him to make movies.  The thing that motivated me most about this is that he said that he took the foot in the door that he was given and created not only an opportunity but a legacy that wouldn’t have happened without him taking the initiative to make it happen.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, a foot in the door so that you can take who you are to create what you are dreaming for.  I don’t know about you, but that’s motivation and inspiration enough for me to continue on, especially with all of the good things I have going on in my life right now.

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