You Don’t Have All of the Answers

One of the things that God has truly blessed me with is helping people see a path to their dreams and goals when they tell me what it is that they want to achieve; at the same time the frustrating aspect of this is that I’m not necessarily able to do the same thing for myself with some of my dreams and goals and there’s a legitimate reason for that.  That reason is clearly the title of my post said this way, I don’t have all of the answers and neither does anyone else in the world.  We are made to be interdependent, which means that we all need something that someone else has and in that way we have to work together not just for a common goal, but for the fulfillment of our individual dreams and goals.  I’ve had the pleasure this past weekend to play a lot of music and live part of one of my dreams, and one thing that I really was humbled by and enjoying is the fact that without all of the musicians that I played with, my music would never have been able to be played in its entirety and it would not have sounded as good as it did.

We must all come to a place in life when we realize that in order to get where we want to go, we will need to consult with others.  That can be either through conversation, reading a book, article, or blog or some other function of communication.  I’m proud to say that I don’t have all the answers and look forward to collaborating with the various people that I’ll meet throughout the rest of my life so that not only can I increase in knowledge and wisdom or get closer to the achievement of my goals, but also so that I can contribute to the achievement of dreams and goals of others.

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