What is an Entrepreneur

Dictionary.com says: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk; an employer of productive labor; contractor.

Investorwords.com says: a person who starts his/her own business.

An entrepreneur is both an employer and an employee; has the potential to be either a leader or a manager and is a vital part of the business world today as without entrepreneurs, none of the private sector companies that employ a majority of the workforce would be in business today.  While these people take many calculated and uncalculated risks in creating, growing, and maintaining their businesses, entrepreneurs also happen to have something that employees don’t and private sector employers don’t; the ability to hold the entirety of their professional life in their hands.  While it is true that an entrepreneur is both an employer and employee (as stated above) they are also owners, and that’s where the major difference is between an employer and an entrepreneur.

But there’s something else that I’ve seen about entrepreneurs that is seldom addressed; they don’t just create businesses and employ people; they achieve dreams and more often than not,  are willing to help others do the same.  I can’t say that is necessarily true of most employer’s as I have only worked for one employer that has ever tried to help me achieve my dreams.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur so if this is something that you are thinking about doing, please do it carefully and understand what it is that you’ll be getting into before you do.  If this is exactly who you are and want to be, to quote the great Ellis Marsalis, “Don’t have a backup plan!”  While that may sound silly and stupid to some folks just think of this, 30 years ago it was unheard of for a person to not work in the same company for their entire career as well as unheard of that a company didn’t offer a pension benefit to all of its employees.

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