What is an Employer

Dictionary.com says: a person or business that employs one or more people, especially for wages or salary.

Businessdictionary.com says: legal entity that controls and directs a servant or worker under an express or implied contract of employment and pays (or is obligated to pay) him or her salary or wages in compensation.

Legal Dictionary says: one that hires others to perform a service or engage in an activity in exchange for compensation

An employer is an employee as well who always has someone that he/she has to answer to as well.  An employer is vastly different from an entrepreneur in that an employer doesn’t have to be the owner of the business to be able to hire people, they just need to be in a position within a business that gives them the authority to hire people.  The difference major between an Employer and an Employee comes from the authority that is entrusted to an Employer to make decisions, drive change, and enforce rules as well as goals of the company.  Some employers tend not to care about the career’s or life focus of their employees because all they want is for the employee’s that they’ve hired to get the work done that’s assigned to them irregardless of their passion or career goals.

What most employers don’t realize is that the greatest enemy to productivity of the employee’s in their charge is a disengaged employee, something that if an employer is hiring, training, and listening to his/her employees, they can rectify before it comes to a problem.  Employer’s are often pressured with achieving corporate goals and metrics from their employers that they may not even realize that some of their productivity losses are coming from a disengaged workforce more than anything else.  I must say that it isn’t harder being an Employer as much as it is a different type of challenge.

Many employees want to rush and become an Employer because of the money, status, or percieved perks that they believe they will receive.  These same employees don’t realize that amount of pressure, increased responsibility and visibility (which is not always a good thing in a corporate structure) they will receive from being an Employer and the weight of such things can crush a person.  So while you may think that’s where you want to be, you need to do your homework to discover if it’s all that you think it will be.

My final line of this post will be some advice to Employer’s, listen to your workforce, keep them from being disengaged, and strive to become a Leader who leads and not a Manager who manages.

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