When Forgiveness Is Not Enough

I have found that there are times when forgiveness is not enough.  These times are:

  1. When trust has been broken.
  2. When someone has divested themselves of a relationship.


Once trust has been broken it’s not that easy to rebuild, but it is possible to do so.  Rebuilding of trust only comes when there is a willingness and action to go along with that willingness to be transparent with who you are today and to maintain that transparency going forward.  If this happens on a consistent basis there is hope that trust can be restored.  Once the trust is restored the possibilities for what can happen next  are endless.

When someone has divested themselves of a relationship it is hard for them to want to become re-invested.  This is a hard thing because for someone to become completely divested means that they are depleted and have nothing left to give or don’t have a desire to give anymore.  I can’t say that I know how a person goes from being divested to invested again as this is a very emotionally draining process in either direction.  From my opinion and standpoint, only God can help a divested person become an invested person again.

I felt the need to write this because this seems to be  a common theme with myself and people in my life.  Not the clearest post I’ve written, but it comes from a very honest place and I hope that it’s helpful.

  1. #1 by Penny on March 8, 2011 - 6:42 pm

    I can speak from experiences on “forgiveness”- when I learned to forgive, in a certain situation-it opened up a whole new life and a newness of heart. Once the trust is restored, there are difinitly possibilities that are endless. Living with a unforgiven heart-is like living in darkness.

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