Are You Qualified To Be In My Life?

Are the people in your life qualified to be there?  Some people’s qualifications have expired in your life yet they are still there?  Why is that?  Why should you qualify the people in your life?  It has taken me many years to learn this, but you must really evaluate who’s in your life and make sure that they are truly qualified to be there.  In the book of Exodus in the Old Testament the Israelites had built tent of worship in the wilderness that had an Outer Court, Inner Court, and Holy of Holies.  While most everyone was “qualified” to enter the Outer Court only a few people were “qualified” to enter the Inner Court and even still, only 1 person was qualified to enter the Holy of Holies and if that person didn’t “qualify” to enter the Holy of Holies as instructed, let’s just say there’s a reason why they went in with a rope tied around them.   In the New Testament God tells us what is required in order to have (or for sake of this post “qualify) a relationship with Him and enter into His rest.

The United States Government has a variety of security clearances for the different levels of information that a person is allowed or “qualified” to access be it a civilian or government employee.  In order to gain any of these clearances you have to apply for them and meet certain “qualifications” in order to obtain the clearance that you seek.

When you are looking for someone to date, you don’t just date anyone.  You get to know a person to see if that person is someone that you feel like you want to not only get to know better, but someone that you want to share more of yourself with in a deeper and more intimate way.   Once you “qualify” that person as someone that meets your requirements for dating, then you move forward and develop a deeper relationship with them.

So if God, the U.S. Government and You Yourself (as referenced above with dating) all “qualify” people to be able to have special relationships/privileges then what makes any of us think we don’t  have to truly evaluate all the people that have access to our lives for where we are today?  There are some people that are meant to be in our lives for a day; others for a season; and others for a lifetime and it is up to you to discover this.

Now what I’m saying is not a license to act snooty and conceited, but it is to tell you that some people that are in your life right may not belong and as hard as it is for some of us to accept, it is necessary for us to face and do something about but there’s also the flip side which is that there are some people that we’ve thrown out of our lives that are still supposed to be there. Let me assure you now that you can restore old relationships that shouldn’t have been disrupted if both people are willing.

Bottom line is that you need to put everyone in your life to the test to see if they truly are meant to be a part of your world at this time or at all.  Once you have the answer to this question it’s up to you what you do with it.  But there’s one thing that needs to be made clear, you are responsible for making sure that whoever is in your life is actually qualified to be there.

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