(I will be publishing Are You Qualified To Be In My Life tomorrow as I feel that this post is more important to post right now considering its content)

I was having a thought that has evolved into this blog post about memories.  Memories can either be a source of fuel to help you overcome today’s challenges in order to bring you into a better tomorrow or they can be a prison that allows you to stay stuck at a particular moment in your past that holds your present hostage and cancels your potential future.

What brought me to this conclusion is that while I’m writing this blog post I am listening to a CD of a really great band and I know one of the members of this band.  It’s been years since we’ve seen each other but we still keep in touch with each other and I as I was listening to the music the first thing that came to mind was a memory from our mutual past of this person really saying and doing some things that were hurtful to me at the time.  Now I had already resolved the pain associated with this memory both within myself and with this person as well as to forgive them for it but I began to think about what  other memories (both positive and negative) do I have that are trying to hold me captive from realizing (as John Bevere would say) my “Actual Image”, the person that I really am and keep me hostage to either a “Projected Image” (the person that I’ve tried to have people view me as in [in the past-added by me]) or a “Perceived Image” (the person other people view me as [be it ture or untrue]).

It also occurred to me that so many people in this world are held hostage not by the circumstances that currently surround their lives but by the memories of achievement they either no longer have/never had or by the pain/joy from memories of time past.  I think it’s easy to understand why memories of pain, lack, and under-achievement can haunt a person so I won’t explain that, but it’s not as easy for some people to understand why memories of success, joy, and happiness can keep you a prisoner, so let’s dive into that.

If you are currently in a position where things aren’t going right or the way you think they should go and you decide to reminisce on the “good old days” it becomes easy to live view your life out of a happy past that is gone instead of facing a present that you don’t like.  But at the same time if you stay stuck reviewing your “happy times” then you will (just as if you stay stuck on your negative memories) hold your present hostage and cancel your potential future because your mind stays stuck on what was, never looks at what can be or gets to work bringing what can be to what is.

I hope that made sense to those of you reading this, if not email me, leave a comment, or whatever you need to do to contact me and I will try to explain if further to you so that you understand.  Memories are good places to visit for inspiration, a pick-me-up, and for teaching moments, but they are horrible places to live.  Leave your past in the past, address your present for what it is so that you can dive into a future that’s full of potential and greatness.  I’m thankful to God for all of my memories (good and bad) and for a present that is teaching me how to move forward with Him into a future where all my dreams and goals will come true.

  1. #1 by Penny on February 9, 2011 - 11:28 am

    Really anxious to read “Are you qualified to be in my life” You are right about dwelling too much on the past-we can get stuck there and it takes its toll on our present thoughts, as well as being a barrier upon with our future. I let go of most of my roadblocks-its a very free liberating feeling.

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