Don’t Forget to Recharge

Anyone that lives in my part of the country will understand that this has been a physically tiring winter with shoveling snow.  In the month of January alone I’ve experienced more than 6 feet of snow which means lots of shoveling.  That is very physically tiring and when your body is physically tired or sick you should rest it so that your physically body can be recharged.  Well in the same way you need to be able to recharge the other parts of you that make up you.

For me the areas of my life that I have to recharge beyond physical are Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Creative.  I’ll give you examples below of how I recharge all of these areas:

Emotional- Oftentimes I recharge myself emotionally by spending time alone reflecting on the positive events, people, and parts of my life that keep me motivated.  I also tend to listen to certain types of music and speakers during these times of recharging.  I also find that more often than not that emotional recharging is directly connected to the next part of my recharging equation.

Spiritual- As a Christian, Spiritual Recharging for me involves a daily process of Prayer/Conversation with God; Reading of the Bible; Praise & Worship; Listening to various Sermons and Teachings on the challenges occurring in my Spiritual Life at a particular point as well as conversations with other Christians that are qualified (if you’re wondering what I mean by qualified, that’s a whole other post coming soon called Are You Qualified to Be In My Life?) to speak into my life.

Intellectual- I recharge my intellectual self by reading; listening to lectures on subjects I want to know about;  watching a program that is about a particular subject that I’m interested in; talking to people that are more knowledgeable than me about various issues I’m  interested in.  I think this one is pretty easy to figure out.

Creative- I recharge my creative self by surrounding myself with others that are creative so that I can observe and enjoy their creativity while getting inspiration for my own sense of creativity.  I also recharge my creative self by taking a step back every now and then from my creative efforts so that I can look on them with a set of fresh eyes.

I’m a firm believer that burnout happens in the lives of people who don’t take the time to get themselves completely recharged and burnout leads to someone with extraordinary potential living an ordinary life, something that I would classify as a tragedy.

  1. #1 by Penny on February 19, 2011 - 10:53 pm

    I’m am also a firm believer that burnout happens in the lives of people who don’t take the time to get themselves completely recharged as one can very easily get burnout living an ordinary life. We need those special moments with meditation for tapping into our inner self for guidance and a light to show us the right direction.

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