Dying Daily

This time of year is always funny for me, as the anniversary of my mothers death was 8 years ago this month, and my birthday is coming up next week which is 2 weeks after the anniversary of her death, but this year is even more funny as I’m going through a big life transition that I wouldn’t wish on anyone but has taught me much and brought me both death and life at the same time.  I’m in the process of getting a divorce, something that I’ve never ever wanted in my life and while it is now “normal” in the USA for this to happen, it still isn’t normal to me.

This process has reminded me that I am dying a daily death, but at the same time, there are some things that are gaining new life within me.  All of us, and I mean all of us die daily (and I’m not talking from a biological standpoint). There are ideas, zeal, attitudes, mindsets, and habits that die within us everyday either because they are outdated for who we now are in life, or because they haven’t been nourished like they need to be (either through discouragement, laziness, or just being worn out).  Quite honestly, there are many things that need to die daily in our lives in order for new life to spring forth within us.

Yesterday we finished our series on the Characteristics of a Dream Achiever, but the more I thought about the ending of this series and what I’m dealing with right now, the more I really began to understand that we are all dying a daily death but is what’s dying in us the very thing that we need to live the best life possible or the very things that are keeping us back from living all that we can live?  That’s something that only you and I can decide as this is the one type of death that we have full control over.

Take the time to examine yourself and discover what things you need to let go of [and let die] and what things you need to nourish so that they can live [and bring new life].

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