Characteristics of a Dream Achiever pt. 4

Before we move on to the next 2 characteristics let’s review what we’ve covered so far.  So far we’ve seen that in order to become a Dream Achiever one must have a Dream that gets further developed by the Knowledge you attain in order to bring your dream to life.  Then we learned that we need to have Planning & Preparation in order for us to Practice what we’ve gathered to this point.  After all of this we learned that we need to have the Right Attitude coupled together with Undivided Attention to get us to the topics of this post today, the characteristics of:

  1. Application
  2. Pursuit


Application as defined by is:

  • The act of putting to a special use or purpose

From this definition right here we see that what we are applying/the application that we are speaking of is every dream achieving characteristic (and the lessons that each of them has taught us by adopting them) that we have learned thus far.  This is the point in Dream Achieving that we truly begin to see the various components of the dream coming together and becoming real in our lives.  If there is one thing that I’ve learned is that this is where a lot of people stop and their dreams die.  This is the place where people really find out how much they’ll have to step out of their comfort zone; sacrifice; change their life and lifestyle; and when they decide that it is too risky to step into the unknown in order to create and bring to life the dream that they’ve had inside them for such a long time so they would rather continue to wonder what if instead of applying themselves and achieving their dream.


So now that you’re at the place of application you have to pursue what you’ve spent so much time working on so that your dream becomes a reality and doesn’t die.  Your pursuit of your dream will tell anyone that has achieved a dream or that is in position to help you achieve your dream how much and how hungry you are for the achievement of your dream.  Pursuit isn’t just a leisurely stroll after your dream; it is a frantic yet controlled pace that propels you forward until you have what it is that you have been going after.  Pursuit is birthed out of your passion for dream achievement.

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