Characteristics of a Dream Achiever pt. 3

The next 2 characteristics that we’ll be talking about are:

  1. Right Attitude
  2. Undivided Focus

Right Attitude

Have you ever been told that you have the wrong attitude or that you need an attitude adjustment?  Do you ever wonder what having the right attitude means?  When it comes to being a dream achiever, having the right attitude is everything.  There is no single “right attitude” for every dream.  The reason why this is true is because each dream that a person has to achieve has a different path towards achievement.  In fact you can have 2 people start with and achieve the same dream but get there 2 different ways.  So while there is no single “right attitude” there are some common traits for every “right attitude” that are needed for achieving your dreams.

Some of these traits include: perseverance; patience; determination; being able to bounce back from disappointments/failures; boldness; and humility (among several other).  All of these combined with the unique traits that you pick up along your specific journey will help propel your dream to something imagined to something real.

Undivided Focus

The greatest enemy to progress, dream fulfillment, or anything requiring you to do any kind of school or work is broken focus.  Dr. Mike Murdock has often said (paraphrasing) that if you want to stop a man with a dream, give him another dream to work on that will break his focus.  Once you have decided that you want to accomplish any goal or dream then you need this very, if not most important Characteristic of a Dream Achiever.  I can’t count the amount of times in my life thus far that broken focus has kept me from achieving something that I’ve wanted.  Because of broken focus as well as fear which is a byproduct of broken focus, I allowed myself to listen to my detractors early on in life who told me that I wouldn’t achieve something that I had dreamed about and desired for a long time.

Thank God that I learned to stop listening to them!  Once your focus is undivided and on the sole goal that you wish to achieve, nothing will be able to stop you.  Undivided Focus allows you to harness the energy that comes from your passion and excitement towards your dream and focus it into all of the efforts that are required to bring your dream to life.  Undivided focus makes you unstoppable, divided focus may not cause you to stop, but it does allow someone else to take the wheel, steer your life and passion (that focused energy we spoke about a few sentences ago) where they want it to go instead of where you need it to go.

Our next post will talk about Application & Pursuit.

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