Characteristics of a Dream Achiever pt. 2

(Before we go into this post today, I want to apologize for not posting this sooner.  I was on vacation since December 23rd, but I’m back now and will be posting the rest of this series this week so stay tuned in!!!)

In today’s post we are going to look at the next set of characteristics:

  1. Planning & Preparation
  2. Practice

Planning & Preparation

Planning and Preparation are necessary parts of achieving your dream.  While this may seem like it should be 2 separate steps, I grouped them together because they really go hand in hand.  We’ve established that a dream defined will show you the end result that you desire and that you need to gain knowledge of what skills, resources, etc you will need on this journey towards dream achievement.  Planning allows you to map out the steps that will be necessary as well as set the timeline you believe it will take for you to get to your end result while the preparation portion of this step allows you to prepare whatever resources you currently have as well as yourself for the next step in the journey of dream achievement.


It is at this point that you are ready to practice some of the things that you’ve learned thus far.   Practicing allows you to sharpen your skills as well as yourself so that when you arrive at the point of dream achievement you will be able to take full advantage of it.  Ralph Marston says, “What is the best opportunity?  It’s the one for which you’re the most fully prepared.”  Whitney Young Jr. backs up the reasoning for practicing your necessary skills and gifts by saying, “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one that to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”

Your practice time is so vitally important in achieving your dream.  To go back to the musician example I listed in the last post, I can tell you from experience as a jazz musician that when I first saw live jazz and decided I wanted to be able to play music like what I saw on stage I had to go home and spend a lot of time practicing.  It was in the practice time that I sharpened the skills that I had as well as acquired new skills that would bring me closer to my goal of performing live jazz.  As a result of years of practice time (which never stops as I still practice) I’m able to get on stage and perform jazz like I wanted to when I was a boy.

There’s an old saying, “Practice makes perfect”, and I’d like to modify that saying for our discussion and say, “Practice makes you ready to fulfill the dream that you are willing to work to achieve.”

For the next post we’ll talk about Right Attitude & Undivided Focus.

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