Let Go Of Your Negative Past!!!!!

STOP LETTING YOUR PAST HOLD YOU HOSTAGE!!!!!  Your past is exactly that, your past (already happened, doesn’t have to repeat itself if you don’t want it to, not your present, etc….).  It’s nice to reference if you need to remember a lesson  learned or have a fond memory of a person, place, or event in your life to make you smile, but all too often those who have allowed their past to hold them hostage are those who are constantly replaying bad/destructive memories (like an old television show that’s in syndication) in their head that develops into a mindset and thought life of negativity and allows you to believe that you’ll never achieve anything or be anyone but a nobody.

Who told you to believe someone else’s lies about your life?  ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO KEEP YOU FROM LIVING YOUR LIFE AT YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL WANT YOU TO BELIEVE THAT!!!!  We all need guidance and wisdom to get to our dreams but ultimately you have to make the decision as to where YOU want YOUR life to go, not someone else.  As someone who is a Christian believer, it is my belief that my decisions need to be based on what God has to say; and the direction I choose to go because (I know some in the Christian world may not like this statement, but it’s true) contrary to some popular teaching, God does not want to make every single decision in your life, He wants you to make some, in fact most of your decisions based off of what you want in light of what He has to say about you through His Word and other means of communication to you.

I speak this from my heart as this is a life lesson that I’ve been learning more and more each day as I personally am letting go of the negative thoughts that have held me captive for a long time so please heed these words:

If you don’t let go of your negative past, your future will always be held hostage by a past that never allows you to live in your present.

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