New Series of Posts!

As I go through a very important transition in my life right now I’m finding that I’m achieving some of my dreams and goals that I previously thought were unattainable at this point in my life.  It caused me to think as to why this is the case (both why I’m achieving so that I can duplicate my success elsewhere & why these goals were so unattainable for me earlier in my life) and it hit me, I wasn’t truly doing all that I needed at the time either physically, mentally, or spiritually to get to my dream.  It’s because of that that I’ve been inspired to write my first series of Blog Post on one theme.  That theme is entitled Characteristics of a Dream Achiever.

I have identified 10 characteristics that I will be writing blog posts about.  My goal is to tackle 2 characteristics per post (when possible) so that we can all go on a journey of discovery about some of what it takes to achieve our dreams.  By no means am I claiming that these are the only characteristics for achieving your dreams.  These are just the characteristics that jump out to me.  I hope that you will join me on this journey, and bring along a few other people that you think would benefit from these post.  First post in the series will be coming out this Thursday!!!!!


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