Sight and Vision

One of my favorite cartoons as a child was Thundercats.  I used to love the action and story that came with it.  But there was one thing that happened just about every episode that you could rely on.  Anytime there was trouble brewing, Lion-O (the leader of the Thundercats) sword (the Sword of Omens) would begin to make a noise which prompted Lion-O to but the sword to his eyes and say the following words, “Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight.”  It is from that statement that I want to focus on.

There is a clear difference between sight and vision.  Sight is what you see in front of you on a daily basis (sight being narrow), while vision allows you to see beyond what’s in front of you in order for the bigger picture to come clearly into focus (vision being broader).  In order to achieve your dreams and goals you need both, but the challenge comes in discerning when you need to use your sight and when you need to use your vision.  Lion-O, when his sword was prompting him, asked to be given sight beyond sight. He needed to see what was going on outside of him as well as to know how it affected both himself and those under his charge.  That is what vision allows.

Sight will only get you so far in achieving your dreams and goals, and vision doesn’t allow for you to see the day to day things that need to be accomplished to support the goals that are propelling you to achieving your dreams and goals.  You need them both.  There are some people that tend only to rely on their immediate sight and those that tend to only rely on their forward thinking vision.  In most cases, these people are both disappointed because they never reach their end result because they don’t see all of what they need to see in order to get to the goal.

So I encourage you to learn the difference between sight and vision and employ them both in your everyday walk.

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