Pursue Your Passions

If you’ve ever been a person that’s gone to work day in and day out for the sake of a paycheck, I’m willing to guarantee that you really don’t like what you do.  If you are majoring in a certain subject in school because your family and friends are expecting you to do so and you don’t want to do it, I’m willing to guarantee that you are having a miserable school experience.  The reason why the above examples will be miserable and not like what they do is because they are not pursuing their passions.


Each and every person in this life has a passion or set of passions, things that they really want to do with their life, that when left undone and unfulfilled will cause a person to be depressed no matter how many material possessions they have.  It is vitally important to pursue your passions so that you are fulfilled in life but you must make sure that you don’t pursue too many things at once as that can lead to broken focus, frustration, and not being able to realize any of your passions.


Your passion(s) are deeply connected to your core beliefs as well as your dreams and goals.  To discover your passion(s) you need to know what you believe and what are your dreams and goals that you want to achieve.  I can tell you from experience that not pursuing your passions early will bring you a lot of pain and what-if’s in your present and future life.  Don’t let any obstacles stop you from pursuing and realizing what you are passionate about.


Your focus will determine your persistence; your persistence will determine your pursuit, and your pursuit will prove if you really are going to achieve your passion.


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