So You Can Go Home Again

This past weekend I went back to my hometown to be of service, something that I haven’t done in quite a long time.  This trip was prompted by a thought that I had posted on my Facebook page, “Sometimes you have to reach back before you can go forward.”  It made me think about why I hadn’t I continued to give back to my hometown in such a long time (something I used to do quite often), and when it came down to it, I discovered that through the enduring of 2 painful deaths and 1 very inappropriate experience that immediately followed, that I just decided to keep away from what had pained me, until now.

This trip was something that I needed and am grateful for.  I had the opportunity to have lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in at least 12 or 13 years; volunteer my musical services for the Uniondale Foundation for Educational Excellence (UFEE) as well as to speak with several of the young music students that I performed with; as well as see the great academic strides my old High School as well as the students in it have made.

But most importantly I was reminded the value of practicing/perfecting my gifts/talents; not to give up on my dreams and goals;  as well as being reminded that while running away from your issues/hurts may give you some relief, it will never completely solve what bothers you.   So remember that no matter what has happened in the past you can go home again, as I learned for myself.

Thank you Uniondale.

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