Keep Hope Alive

Most people that grew up in my generation recognize this as a phrase made popular by Rev. Jesse Jackson during his attempts to become President of the United States, however I’m not looking to reference that.  I’ve been going through several major life changes in the past few months, and some of them have taken a heavy toll on me.

To be quite honest, there have been times as of late in which I just wanted to give up, give in, and just quit on my unfulfilled dreams and goals.  But then I had to remember something, in fact it was something that I previous wrote right here in this blog, I had to remember what helps me.  In my case, I had to remember sources in which I received strength, encouragement, and renewal.  Sources that allowed me to keep hope alive and well.

So please don’t give up no matter how hard it may seem right now.  Keep your hope alive, and you will find that you will be able to succeed and achieve.

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