Living Behaviors

One of the key components to your ability to achieve your goals as well as the overall quality of your life is the living behaviors that are present in your life.  Below is my definition of Living Behaviors:

  • Any set of habits, actions, or activities that are done on a daily basis by a person or organization that create and breathe life into a persons or organizations current state of being. 


So if there are Living Behaviors, there must be an opposite right?  Here is my definition of Dead Behaviors:


  • Any set of habits, actions or activities that are/are not being done at anytime by a person or organization that contribute to the death of the state of being of a person or organization.


Do you get the picture?  There are some behaviors that are alive in us today that should be dead and vice versa.  The definition I gave of a Living Behavior means that if you are a procrastinator or lazy (both of which I have been and have chosen to no longer be), then you are giving life to your inability to achieve your dreams and goals. 

On the flipside, if you are focused, driven and determined you possess behaviors that can bring life to all that you desire to do and be.  This is the time to identify the habits, actions or activities in your life that are currently living and in serious need of death as well as to identify those habits that need to be resurrected or in some cases birthed within you.

What are some of your living behaviors that contribute to your success that you wish to share with others?  What about those dead behaviors that are causing you to falter and fall short?  Are there any living behaviors that you once had that you need to bring back to life?

I encourage you to share your thoughts on this topic so that we can all grow and be the better for it.

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