A Celebration & Memorial

There are 3 particular days every year in which I don’t have any idea of if I’m going to feel great or very sad.  Those days are January 11th, January 26th, and today September 29th.  The significance of these days are the day my Mother died (January 11, 2004), my birthday (which comes 2 weeks after my mother’s death), and both my mom’s and [one of my] nephew’s birthday. 

Today I’m filled with joy that my nephew is celebrating another birthday and has finally caught up to me in age (at least until January), and I’m sad at the same time as I really miss my mom, especially with all that’s going on in my life right now. 

I know that my mom wouldn’t want me to mourn her the rest of my life which is why these 3 days are very unpredictable for me because there have been years in which these days have been happy and joyous for me and other years where they haven’t been. 

But I’ve come to understand over the past 6 years that while it’s great to have a memory/memorial of a loved one or someone significant in your life during the time of the death or birthday, an even better memorial would be to celebrate their life everyday by living the best life you can.  This doesn’t mean that you will never be sad on certain days or have times in which you will reflect, it just means that you should continue to live your life in the best way possible.  In this respect you will be honoring and celebrating the memory of that loved one everyday and in the best way possible.  

So I’ll end this post by saying this, Happy Birthday Chip and I Miss You Mom!

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