Maybe Someday

Maybe and someday are two words in the English language that by themselves and in the right context are fine, but when put together as in Maybe someday I’ll pursue my career goals; Maybe someday I’ll lose this weight; Maybe someday I’ll start to work on my dreams; Maybe someday…..(I think you get the point) are deadly.  When you continue to make and live  those maybe someday statements they actually go from being mere words and turn into living behaviors that take root in you, behaviors that keep us wondering what if instead of inspiring us to actually do.

There’s a difference between having priorities and reducing your goals, well really your life to the back burner in hopes that one day you’ll be able to get to the dreams and goals that brought you so much hope and joy at one point in your life.  Instead of dreaming about what could be, spend that time working on how to make it be.  Lay out your plan with a timetable for achieving your goal and turn your maybe someday into an I Achieved My Goal Today!

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