You Can Still Achieve Your Dreams

I was sitting in the playscape of a local mall with my son as he was running back and forth to me while playing in the playscape when I saw an old friend and musician that I haven’t seen in over 2 years.  He stopped and we talked for a while.  He told me that he was happy as he was travelling around the world playing music, living his dream, and then he asked me what I was doing (musically).  I told him nothing and he was quite surprised.  I then told him that I didn’t want to have to be on the road so much that I miss being a Father to my son.

He was very understanding and then asked me if I would be willing to do some studio work to which I said yes I would.  Once I got home and put my son to bed, I started feeling bad about myself for a little while which carried over into the next morning.  I was feeling bad because I knew that where I’m at in life at this point isn’t where I wanted to be (with the exception of having my son) and because instead of following my gut when I was a fresh graduate out of college, I followed the opinion of someone that was once a mentor to me that strongly encouraged me to not pursue my passion for certain types of music as it isn’t conducive (which I now know isn’t true) to my other great passion in life. 

Now I know that ultimately I made the decision to follow this persons advice, but I must say that back then I didn’t think that this man would steer me wrong as a result of him being so successful (which I later found out was an image of success and not the real thing).  But the more that I thought about this, the more that I realized while I may have taken a longer road then necessary, I am achieving my some of my dreams and goals now and am already on the path to achieving more of them.  I wrote all of this to say that it is never too late for you to achieve your dreams and goals and the core lessons to learn from this experience are:

  • Don’t allow your past to punish your present which will result in you denying yourself of your desired future.
  • When you meet someone that you want to mentor you because you believe they are successful, make sure that there is some actual substance behind the image that you are beholding as many people are bankrupting their finances as well as their souls to present an image of success to folks that just isn’t real.
  • Know that the only dreams that you aren’t able to achieve are the ones that you define as unachievable. 
  • While Good Mentors offer you great expertise and may at times try to steer you in a different direction other than what you desire, you ultimately are responsible for your choices and need to make the choices that you believe are the best ones for you, even if it’s without the blessing of a Mentor [or anyone else for that matter] that you hold in high esteem.
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